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Projects of Interest

This is the type of project I love to work on the most. When this old rocker came my way, it needed some serious help.

As you can see, it was falling apart.

There were missing pieces and the majority of it was painted brown and much of that was pitted and ugly. The top was not attached at all and the original decorative painting was faded and mostly chipped away. 

After a thorough stripping of the old paint on the bottom portion of the chair,

re-gluing, replacing missing pieces, refinishing the wood to it's natural tones it was almost restored.

Finally I painted over the old image and brought it back to life as the owner requested.

Out of the barn and into the living room!

The clients who own this maple furniture had a whole new look in mind.

They wanted all three pieces revamped to be a faded blue color

finished with a rustic flavor.

For the rocker, they requested a personalized decorative painting.

Fun Project!

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